Dopamine Combines DeFi with Digital Identity

January 26, 2023

Dopamine by Cortex has integrated Unstoppable Web3 domains to combine DeFi with digital identity. With a DeFi mobile app trusted by over 3 million customers worldwide, Dopamine is helping their community set up their Web3 domains to easily manage their digital assets. Web3 domains will make it even easier for Dopesters to send digital assets, login to their favorite dApps, launch decentralized websites, build their Web3 profiles, and much more. “Dopamine is committed to making Web3 easier to understand and more useful for their community, making it a perfect fit to integrate Unstoppable Web3 domains,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “Owning your digital identity not only helps simplify the DeFi experience, but also connects you to a world of Web3 possibilities.”To level up your DeFi game with Dopamine, get started here.

The source of this news is from Unstoppable Domains