Digital Asset Taxation & Crypto Accounting Complexities

July 12, 2023

Both areas are complex, and we bring in tax and accounting experts from TaxBit, Ann Jaskiw (VP of Engineering), and Austin Woodward (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman) to understand the nuances of effective digital asset and crypto accounting practices. Public Key Episode 64 preview: Why crypto designated as a property makes sense for tax purposesCrypto and digital asset taxation and accounting still seem to leave many crypto goers and institutions looking to hold crypto on their balance sheets with sleepless nights. In this episode, Ian Andrews sits down with experts Ann Jaskiw (VP of Engineering) and Austin Woodward (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman) from leading crypto taxation and crypto accounting software providers, TaxBit, to discuss the complex problem of crypto taxes. It’s crypto property and it’s property in 90% of the world’s countries. It’s pretty complex project, I think there’s five distinct contracts and multiple stages to the NFT like generation and then acquisition.