Deadbolt Ransomware Gives Up Victim Decryption Keys

March 03, 2023

Deadbolt ransomware activity summarizedOver the course of 2022, Deadbolt has taken in more than $2.3 million from an estimated 4,923 victims, with an average ransom payment size of $476, compared to over $70,000 for all ransomware strains. The first step was to find as many Deadbolt victims as possible who had yet to pay their ransom. “We searched police reports from all over the Netherlands for Deadbolt victims and extracted the Bitcoin addresses Deadbolt provided. Once everything was ready to go, the team deployed their script and started the process of sending and retracting payments for Deadbolt victims. The operation also underscores why it’s so important for ransomware victims to report cyberattacks to the authorities.