ConsenSys and Bankless Announce the First Ever DAOlationship

December 31, 2022

The DAOlationship allows ConsenSys’ employees to contribute to the Bankless DAO and provide value to the broader Ethereum ecosystem. The DAOlationship allows ConsenSys employees to experiment with contributing to one of the most respected DAOs in the ecosystem. At the same time, the Bankless DAO will access valuable contributors with a proven track record of delivering on projects and who aim to increase the output of various departments (guilds) within the Bankless DAO. The ConsenSys x Bankless DAOlationship model aims to reduce friction in the DAO onboarding process and improve the engagement and quality of work executed by the DAOs. ConsenSys has some of the top talents in the industry, and directing that mindshare towards Bankless DAO is an exciting initiative for both parties,” explained Bankless DAO.

The source of this news is from ConsenSys Software Inc