Coming Soon: ONDOUSDT Perpetual Swap Listing with Up to 10x Leverage

January 18, 2024

A new listing – ONDOUSDT – featuring ONDO, the Ondo Finance token, will be available to trade on BitMEX, and with up to 10x leverage. This allows users to gain exposure to the price of the Ondo Finance token and trade it with leverage, without needing to have any ONDO holdings. Key contract details for our Ondo token listing:Symbol: ONDOUSDTMargin Currency : USDTContract Size : 1 ONDOLot Size : 100Minimum Trade Amount : 100 ONDOUnderlying : . B ONDOTMax Leverage : 10xMaker Fee : -0.015%Taker Fee : 0.075%Base Initial Margin : 10.00%Base Maintenance Margin : 5.00%You will be able to trade the ONDOUSDT perpetual contract here, or refer to the full contract specs here. About ONDO, the Ondo Finance TokenA Bybit Launchpool project, Ondo Finance is an institutional-grade real-world assets protocol aimed at building the next generation of financial infrastructure to improve market efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

The source of this news is from BitMEX