Coming Soon: LINKUSDT Perpetual Swap Listing

October 02, 2023

Later this week, a second LINK listing – LINKUSDT – will be available to trade on BitMEX, and with up to 33x leverage. Currently on BitMEX, users are already able to; trade the LINKUSD Perpetual Swap with 50x leverage, as well as deposit, withdraw, buy, and convert LINK. This allows users to gain exposure to the price of the LINK token and trade it with leverage, without needing to have LINK holdings. Chainlink (LINK) is an ERC-20 token used in the Chainlink platform to incentivise network operators and collateralise the network’s smart contract agreements. LINK tokens are used to reward Chainlink network operators for retrieving data from off-chain feeds, formatting data into accessible formats, and performing off-chain computations.

The source of this news is from BitMEX