Combining AI with a trusted data approach on IBM Power to fuel business outcomes

September 08, 2023

IBM Power is designed for AI and advanced workloads, allowing enterprises to inference and deploy AI algorithms on their most sensitive data and transactions that reside on Power systems. [2]Impactful, AI-driven capabilitiesWhether clients need to integrate their data into data fabrics and AI platforms or deploy AI models like generative AI close to their data, IBM Power can help enterprises address concerns around time-to-market for AI-driven solutions with a fit-for-purpose approach. Building on Salesforce’s MuleSoft and IBM relationship, MuleSoft and IBM are in discussions to support Anypoint Flex Gateway on IBM Power in the first quarter of 2024. By supporting Flex Gateway on IBM Power, clients can API-enable their Power-based applications for secured access with applications within their enterprise. Extrapolated result for an IBM Power S1024 (2×12-core 3.4-4GHz/512GB) is based on a measured inferences time of 1.008 seconds on IBM Power S1022 (2×12-core 2.9-4GHz/512GB).

The source of this news is from IBM