Circle Teams with Tribe on a First-Of-Its-Kind Hacker House to Power Next Gen Web3 Developers

April 15, 2023

Attracting over 350 registrants consisting of developers, founders, innovators and Web3 enthusiasts, the exclusive Circle Hacker House provided an ideal platform for participants to forge new connections and gain hands-on experience and knowledge about the Circle ecosystem and the benefits of USDC through insightful sessions and panels. Participants also heard first-hand from Circle and other industry thought leaders on building a better future with technology, the Circle ecosystem, the Web3 industry outlook for 2023 as well as diversity and inclusivity in the tech sector. In addition, the Hacker House served as the perfect launchpad for developers to generate ideas for the upcoming virtual Circle Hackathon scheduled from 25 April, 2023 to 22 May, 2023. Through this partnership, both Circle and Tribe aim to offer novice and experienced developers in Singapore and Asia Pacific a comprehensive training and support program to expand their knowledge and benefit from the Web3 ecosystem. Although the Web3 industry has witnessed steady growth since 2021, signaling what many expect to be promising prospects on the horizon, there remains a shortage of Web3 developers available for the growing industry, which presents a need to develop more talent.

The source of this news is from Circle