Circle Joins Forces with BitoGroup and Taiwan FamilyMart

October 28, 2023

TAIWAN, October 26, 2023 — A thriving convenience store loyalty programs or ‘loyalty points economy’ has evolved into a cornerstone of daily life in Taiwan. The partnership is delivering a new ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service on the Taiwan FamilyMart App and the BitoPro Exchange, which allows customers to convert their FamilyMart loyalty points, called FamiPoints, into digital currencies like USDC. This underscores the integral role of loyalty points in the daily lives of the Taiwanese, and highlights the consumption potential embedded within the loyalty points economy. “Circle is excited to partner with BitoGroup and Taiwan FamilyMart to champion access to digital currencies in Taiwan, “ said Raagulan Pathy, Vice President of Asia Pacific for Circle. Donghao Liu, Director of Digital Finance Department, Taiwan FamilyMart emphasized that this enhanced service solidifies Taiwan FamilyMart’s commitment to offering the maximum convenience to its members.

The source of this news is from Circle