Circle Delivers USDC Interoperability Across Ecosystems with Mainnet Launch of Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol

April 26, 2023

The permissionless protocol enables USDC to flow natively across supported chains, delivering an unparalleled level of interoperability, security, liquidity and simplified user experiences. Apps that embed CCTP can enable users to “burn and mint” USDC natively, which results in USDC essentially “teleporting” from one blockchain to another. Over time, CCTP will help unify liquidity around native USDC in Web3 and solve fragmentation issues caused by multiple, unofficial bridged versions of USDC floating around the ecosystem. “In our pursuit of building the best dollar protocol on the internet, Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol gives USDC native interoperability across Web3,” said Joao Reginatto, VP of Product. Developers interested in building with Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol can get started today:

The source of this news is from Circle