Circle and AZA Finance Issue Paper Highlighting Africa's Unrivaled Financial Interoperability

December 07, 2023

Leading global stablecoin issuer and pan-African fintech highlight the continent's peerless advancement of fintech & other technologiesBOSTON — December 7, 2023 — Circle, a global digital financial technology firm and the issuer of USDC and EURC, and AZA Finance, a pan-African fintech company, have today published a joint paper on financial interoperability in Africa. Circle CFO, Jeremy Fox-Geen, and AZA Finance CEO, Elizabeth Rossiello, co-authored the paper. "Africa's rise as a global leader in digital value exchange is a testament to the continent's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to advancing financial inclusion,” said Circle CFO, Jeremy Fox-Geen. “Our research emphasizes the transformative impact of stablecoins across the continent in fostering financial interoperability, boosting cross-border transactions, and nurturing economic growth." The convergence of fintech, forward-looking banks and supportive regulators provides an incredibly informative case study for how financial interoperability can be developed."

The source of this news is from Circle