Building AI for business: IBM’s Granite foundation models

September 08, 2023

Today we are announcing our latest addition: a new family of IBM-built foundation models which will be available in, our studio for generative AI, foundation models and machine learning. IBM’s Granite foundation models are targeted for businessDeveloped by IBM Research, the Granite models — Granite.13b.instruct and — use a “Decoder” architecture, which is what underpins the ability of today’s large language models to predict the next word in a sequence. At 13 billion parameter models the Granite models are more efficient than larger models, fitting onto a single V100-32GB GPU. IBM’s Granite foundation models are designed to empower youKey to IBM’s vision of AI for business is the notion of empowerment. Granite foundation models: Just the beginningThe initial Granite models are just the beginning: more are planned in other languages and further IBM-trained models are also in preparation.

The source of this news is from IBM