Brave Wallet Adds Support for 7 Unstoppable TLDs

December 30, 2022

On top of that, integrating Unstoppable domains minted on Polygon makes it even easier to send and receive crypto with human-readable digital identities. Brave Wallet’s 60 million users can now easily send and receive crypto using seven of our TLDs minted on Polygon - .x .nft .dao .wallet .crypto .bitcoin and .blockchain. "Brave Wallet allows you to use Unstoppable Domain names as the recipient when sending coins and tokens. Brave Wallet performs these resolutions on-chain, allowing you to securely and seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrency without having to remember long addresses," said Brian Bondy, Co-founder and CTO at Brave. “We’re thrilled to integrate with the Brave Wallet to help more people start their Web3 journey.”Download the Brave browser here to get started on your Brave Wallet journey, and if you don’t already have an Unstoppable Web3 domain, find yours now!

The source of this news is from Unstoppable Domains