All Customer’s Bitcoin Deposit Addresses are Being Reissued to Improve the Use of Bitcoin Block Space

October 30, 2023

In order to improve our use of Bitcoin block space, we will reissue all customer Bitcoin deposit addresses. User Action RequiredOnce you receive the new BitMEX Bitcoin wallet addresses in November, please make sure that you:Stop sending Bitcoin deposits to your existing BitMEX wallet address and send to your new one instead. With this upgrade, we are switching Bitcoin deposit addresses to Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) BIP-44 deposit-based addresses, with a unique derivation path for each user. What Happens if I send Bitcoin to An Old BitMEX Bitcoin Wallet Address? We will continue to credit any deposits made to the old Bitcoin deposit addresses as per the current standard until 31 October 2023.

The source of this news is from BitMEX