6 Questions for Dawn Newton of Netki – Cointelegraph Magazine

January 01, 2023

This week, our 6 Questions go to Dawn Newton, co-founder and chief operating officer of Netki — a remote digital identity verification technology provider intended to facilitate compliance with KYC/AML regulations. Dawn Newton is the chief operating officer and co-founder of Netki, the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering technology provider purpose-built for blockchain. At Netki, Dawn has contributed to the development of OnboardID, which facilitates identity verification and onboarding for custodial wallets, and TransactID, which is the only fully compliant solution to Financial Action Task Force Travel Rule regulations. From the early days of the internet to the booming blockchain industry, Dawn’s work has had a formative effect on today’s leading tech companies. 3 — When you tell people you’re in the blockchain industry, how do they react?

The source of this news is from Netki