2023 Crypto Crime Report Preview (Part 2)

February 07, 2023

In this episode, we are back for the second part of an amazing conversation with our occasional co-host and Director of Research at Chainalysis, Kim Grauer, who gives us even more insights into the highly anticipated Crypto Crime Report. Read and listen to part 1 of the 2023 Crypto Crime Report Preview. Public Key Episode 42 preview: More sneak peeks of the highly anticipated 2023 crypto crime reportSanctions were a huge focus for regulatory bodies in 2022, and we saw an increase in designations of Russian-based cryptocurrency exchanges and organizations propagating the war efforts against Ukraine. Kim provides insights into sanction designations and shares that the 2023 Crypto Crime Report looks into whether cryptocurrency sanctions are effective. And what we found was it’s very varied.”– Kim Grauer (Director of Research, Chainalysis)Minute-by-minute episode breakdown(2:15) – Is web3 and cryptocurrency dead?