Mar 12 2024

The New Generation of NFTs!



In recent years, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse technologies have rapidly captured the world's attention. NFTs empower artists and buyers to sell their unique digital experiences in the digital market. The Metaverse allows individuals to experience an interactive world of art, commerce, and entertainment. This innovative combination of technology and creativity has ushered in a new era of online interactions.

However, what future can be envisioned for these two phenomena? NFTs are inseparable from the Metaverse, and they are intertwined in a way that identifies the value created in the Metaverse through NFTs.

These digital assets represent our physical life possessions, transformed into digital and virtual forms, including photos, music, videos, paintings, and more. Yet, this phenomenon doesn't end there; it promises a more practical future in our lives, such as SBTs (Soulbound Tokens).


Soulbound Tokens

Soulbound Token (SBT) is a non-exchangeable NFT with public verification capabilities, showcasing an individual's credibility, affiliations, and commitments. So, what does a non-transferable token mean?

Metaverse tokens that are non-transferable are NFTs designed to track reputation but are not for sale. However, the term "Souls" in soulbound NFTs refers to what?

Wallets or accounts with SBTs or non-transferable tokens permanently restricted are referred to as "Souls." For instance, a Soul can represent a person's work history and verify your resume information.

A non-saleable token that records a variety of information within it, such as medical records, academic documents, identity information, and assets. This aspect of the future is something we should take seriously today and utilize wisely.



Technology and industry are growing, and smart education and use of them are at the forefront. Various markets have shaped up over the years, including Rarible, Opensea, Gem, Looksrare, x2y2, and newer ones like Blur and Opensea pro.

It's evident that daily maturity and competition among these markets constantly create new advantages to attract more users and make the path easier and more profitable for them.

The future generation of these markets is Aggregators, decentralized supporters of various networks, adding value for both traders and artists. The healthier and more constructive these values are, the industry will move with greater health.

Prominent aggregators today include Blur, Opensea pro, Looksrare, observing collections on their platforms and providing access to all of them simultaneously. While fascinating, they only support the Ethereum network and not all markets and collections.

Considering the growth of other networks and their expanding support for artists' works, they should be taken seriously, such as BNB, avalanche, arbitrum, base, polygon, etc.


Wondoria Marketplace

Wondoria is a future-generation market, a multi-chain aggregator supporting 10 networks and welcoming all collections. Using the seaport technology designed by Opensea, it possesses attractive features of today's market with the capability to list sellers' assets simultaneously across multiple markets with just one fee. High speed and security, user-friendly and easy environment, visual attractiveness are other features, and its claim of decentralization in future phases promises a revolution in the NFT markets.

A market that will achieve maximum efficiency for users with the lowest floor price and the highest bids, creating price differences that enable competition. "Wonder the impossible" is the slogan that, if it becomes reality, will propel this market to its next level with leadership and a new model.

Finally, here’s a table comparing several markets for traders.


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